Since 1985, BOH Electronics has been selling, inspecting and restoring emergency lighting systems to businesses and individuals.

Get a complete professional service: from preventive maintenance to repair.

Affiliated with the largest providers in the industry (Lumacell, Beghelli, Emergi-lite, Aim-lite, Ready-lite, Stanpro, etc.), BOH Electronics offers its expertise on the different components and functionalities of each product.

Enjoy a simplified online shopping experience or call upon the expertise of our electronics technicians to help you.


Did you know that the inspection of various electronic components, such as batteries, lamps, transformers and chargers, is mandatory on a monthly or annual basis depending on your line of business?

Don’t worry, BOH Electronics team will take care of it!

We will perform the functionality tests of your emergency lighting systems with precision, based on the associated prevention instructions.

*In the event that a component needs to be replaced or repaired, our electronics technicians will go all-out to provide you with a detailed and reliable cost estimate ensuring better value for your money!

BOH Electronics covers your emergency lighting system repair projects, whether it is directly in our branch or in your establishment, our technicians will take care of refurbishing them while respecting everyone’s procedures.

You have defective components? Electronic board, transformers, battery, etc. We’ll take care of it! Ask one of our specialized technicians if your component can be repaired.

If we are not able to repair them, we will suggest a replacement product at an affordable price.

In order to offer you superior quality parts, we collaborate with several major manufacturers, such as: Lumacell, Emergi-lite, Stanpro, Beghelli, Aim-lite, Ready-lite, etc.

To ensure proper operation in the event of a power failure, emergency lighting units must undergo regular inspection.

BOH Electronics offers a preventive maintenance service on a constant basis in order to detect any type of anomalies that could prevent your system from functioning properly.

Our electronics technicians also perform cleaning and functionality tests, while respecting the maintenance specifications of each device.


Every emergency lighting system includes an internal pick-up circuit that automatically turns on when power is lost. To better guide you towards the exit in case of power failure, all lighting units are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

The systems may differ depending on the location and the area to be covered. We therefore offer a wide selection of devices of different brands and qualifications to meet all your needs.

Whether you are a business or an individual, you can purchase an emergency lighting system from our online store or directly from our branch.

Are you looking for a specific model or have questions about a product? Ask a technician to assist you in making an informed choice.


Electronic Parts

Whether you need to purchase, repair or change a device, you will find all the necessary electronic parts in this section.

Electronic board, bulbs, transformer, LED bar, etc. At BOH Electronics, we have everything to satisfy your emergency lighting system.

You have questions or simply need help with the repair of one of your electronic devices? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our experienced technicians look forward to answering your questions.



BOH Electronics offers a large selection of batteries for most of your electronic devices, such as: alarm systems, uninterruptible power supplies, entertainment (scooters, electric bikes, small electric motors, etc.), car batteries and more!

You’ll find a wide selection of affordable batteries, from rechargeable to specialized (alkaline, AA, AAA, PAC, etc.).

No matter what you are looking for, we probably have the perfect part to meet your needs.

Looking for an car battery or a specific item? Ask one of our experts for assistance, we’re always glad to help!


Did you know that there are two types of smoke detectors?


The electrically operated detector is the most common; it is designed to detect fires with large flames that spread quickly. After a certain period of time, dust may accumulate inside the devices, making them defective. Their sensitivity is then amplified, which is often why your detector starts squealing when you take your meal out of the oven or overcook your breakfast.

The photoelectric smoke detector is designed and adapted to detect slow-burning fires, which can take several hours to produce significant flames. For example: when a cigarette is dropped on a couch or a hairstyling dryer is forgotten turned-on.


A central emergency lighting system is used to replace several regular power and lighting devices during a power outage. Designed for businesses or superstores, the output is optimized through your current electrical power.

In addition to being easy to maintain, it is an economical choice when multiple emergency lighting fixtures are needed.

Do you own a department store or would you like more information about purchasing a central system? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you make the best choice for your needs!


What is the shipping service you use and the deadline to receive the package?

Our shipping service is carried out by Purolator, the delay is usually from 3 to 5 working days depending on your area.

How are shipping fees calculated?

Shipping fees are calculated depending on the weight and the size of the package. It differs from one item to another. Shipping fees are automatically calculated by our application Purolator and are automatically added to your bill.

Can I track my order?

Yes, to keep track of it's status, pick up on delivery and get real-time inquiries, You can go to the Purolator website at www.purolator.com and click on Track my shipment. Then enter your reference number given to you with the confirmation email of your order.

What payment methods are accepted in the online store?

The following payment methods are accepted:

Visa/MasterCard, Credit Card, Debit card and PayPal.

If you are a business and/or a reseller and wish to pay by check or Via bank transfer, it is preferable to directly talk with one of our agents by calling us here: (514) 642-0379 or by Email at this address: info@bohelectronique.com.

What is the policy for exchanges or refunds?

Here at BOH Electronique, we have your satisfaction at heart. This is why, if an item is damaged, defective or if you're not satisfied, our team is here to help you. You have 30 days from the reception of your order to send it back. The original shipping fees are not refundable for a return unless you unfortunately made a mistake during your order processing. If the product is defective or damaged, you will be refunded and we will exchange it without added fees. If you wish for more information, feel free to contact us.

Can I order online and come pick up my order in the store?

Yes, you can buy directly online and come pick it up in our store during our opening time: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:00/13:00 to 16:30. BOH électronique will notify you by email or by phone once your order is ready to pick up.

How do you notify us if an item is not available anymore?

Out of stock items are removed from our internet website and can no longer be ordered. In the event of an inventory miscalculation causing the impossibility to quickly ship out your order, we will offer you the possibility to choose another item at equal price or a refund.

Need Advices?

For technical questions or to obtain more information on one of our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our experienced technicians will be pleased to answer your questions and offer you personalized advice.

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