Emergency Lighting Devices

BOH Électronique is :

Emergency Lighting Device retail, installation and repair;

Emergency lighting company batteries and pieces retail;

Emergency Lighting Device inspection and preventive servicing.



An emergency lighting system is composed of an internal circuitry that powers on automatically as soon as the power goes out. Every unit includes rechargeable batteries that feed the fixtures during a power outage.




To ensure efficiency during a power outage, emergency lighting units should be inspected regularly. BOH Électronique offers preventive maintenance on a regular basis to detect any anomaly that could prevent your system from being efficient.



Don't wait until your lighting units give out to act! Prevent a power outage by conducting inspections regularly




• Call us now for an appointment or for additional information on how to perform maintenance on your devices!






Our Team!

BOH Électronique's team is composed of qualified technicians who, since 1985, have insured the efficiency of every type of emergency lighting device. With new offices and a constantly evolving team, we wish to continue our great work for a long time. Welcome to all of our new clients!


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